Since 9 years of age, I've been chasing the dream of being a filmmaker. Growing up in Philadelphia, I was exposed to video cameras and films at an early age. I felt the spark of wanting to be behind the camera and influencing audiences through visuals.

Varied filmmakers like Spielberg, Bergman, Scorsese and Lumet, were all early teachers and inspiration. Their black and white films were really my favorites. Schindler's List, Persona, Raging Bull, 12 Angry Men... the relative simplicity to these films, especially from their later work, was impressive and comforting. I also really loved James Bond movies.

Somewhere around high school, when I started doing a lot of still photography, in addition to film work, is when I shifted my focus solely on Cinematography.  

I relocated to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts for college, but felt the pull of working on sets too enticing to ignore. In 2008, I shot my first feature, Ice Grill, U.S.A., and haven't looked back since.

Twenty years since first toying with VHS-C, I've shot numerous Award-winning features and shorts, and commercial projects for many international clients.

I approach every job with that same kind of excitement I had as a kid. I enjoy creative problem-solving, and find real fulfillment in breathing life into an image.

I currently live in Los Angeles with my wife Lindsey, son Mason, dogs Buster and Olive, and a cat named Waffles.


Phone: 917-310-4871

Email: gus.sacks@gmail.com

Carrier Pigeon Direction: 90041

Favorite Beverage: Unsweetened Iced Tea

On Location at a Rita's Water Ice in Elkins Park, PA

On Location at a Rita's Water Ice in Elkins Park, PA