Live Stream dp work

KFC - "zinger in space launch"

  • Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
  • Production Company: Media Monks/Made.for.Digital
  • Director: Jason De Simone
  • Shot on location in Page, AZ


This project involved launching a literal chicken sandwich into the Stratosphere in a one-off bucket/satellite hybrid that was attached to a spacecraft specifically designed for the project. And its balloon launch was to be streamed live on Facebook. We had 4 ground cameras, a camera on the bucket, a drone, and a live feed from the craft itself. The amount of planning and preparation that went into this was staggering. Remote work is never easy, but this was an immense challenge that ultimately was a success. This video is a recap of the event. 


disney - "likes for lights"

  • Agency: Yellow Shoes
  • Production Company: Media Monks/Made.for.Digital
  • Shot on location at Disneyland, CA

This project was for Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. They wanted to do a tree lighting in the park and broadcast on Facebook to have interactive elements play with the audience. We had a three camera setup. The most challenging aspect was the timing. We only had a few hours' prep because of park restrictions, and then on the day had very little time to setup the cameras, frame for the social interactions, and be ready to go Live. Pair that with the iris pulls for the time of day constraints, it was another unique project.