narrative SHORTS

I've had the pleasure of working with some great Directors on short projects close to their hearts. Here are a few examples of that work.


Halfway Somewhere Else

Director: Avery Rimer


  • LA Shorts Fest
  • Woods Hole Film Festival

Shot in Boston, MA and Cape Cod, MA on Canon C300/Cooke Speed Panchos


Director: Jimmy Moreno


  • Not yet released

Shot in Riverside, CA on Sony FS7/Still Lenses

Deadly in love

Director: Jose Vaca


  • Cuenca Film Festival (Ecuador)
  • Festival de cortos Maipu (Argentina)

Shot in Brooklyn, NY on RED Epic Dragon/Zeiss Super Speeds

After ella 

Director: Marie Hartness


  • Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • Winner Directorial Discovery Award

Shot in Boston, MA on Sony F55/Zeiss Standard Speed